We are happy to announce the relaunch of our website


April showers bring May flowers, right? So here’s a revamped version of our website, including higher usability on mobile devices and a better implementation of social media elements. It’s still a beta version, so in case you’re experiencing any trouble or want to suggest improvements, feel free to send some love letters 😉

Here are some topics, that are already known:

There are some areas still under construction. For example our shop is currently still just the bandcamp-shop you already know. We are working on a new solution to provide a better shopping experience in the future.

Also the press area isn’t online yet. This will be updated soon.

We also plan to provide some more news, shows and galleries from the past. So you will recognize large periods of time between the current posts. This will be updated from time to time.

At the moment the band bio is just the promotional text, Steamhammer provided for Turn off the world. This will also be updated soon with brand new informations.

The whole page should be in English. If you find any text in German, please report it to us. The only exceptions can appear in the event’s details area, where we did not translate the basic informations of some live shows in Germany. By the way, we plan to provide our website also in a german version in the future.

In the mobile version there are some features not the way they should be :-) We are still working on it.

But now have fun with the new website!

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