Rene will write a guest article for ‘Kumpels in Kutten 2’


For the second part of the book ‘Kumpels in Kutten’ (Buddies in patched vests) the publisher and author, Holger Schmenk, invited The Very End’s guitarist Rene Bogdanski to be part as a guest veteran. Like the first part the book will continue to tell the story of the metal scene in the Ruhr area of Germany, spawning bands, labels, media and venues.

Rene explains how it all came about: “When Holger interviewed Björn and me for ‘Kumpels in Kutten – Part 2’ we talked a hell of a lot – not only about The Very End. After a while Holger asked me to write a guest article. Of course I accepted, as this is a great honor for me”. Approximately the book will be released during the end of the year.

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