Björn Gooßes will be part of Summer Breeze 2016 with his exhibition ‘Painted In Blood’


After a successful premiere in Bochum Björn Gooßes and his partners in crime Thomas Ewerhard and Jan Meininghaus will be guests at Summer Breeze 2016 with the exhibition ‘Painted In Blood’. On Thursday and Friday, all Summer Breeze patrons will have the chance to meet the artists in the new circus tent close to the festival entrance and to check out their work.

Art in the circus tent: Cover exhibition ‘Painted In Blood’ at Summer Breeze

13679928_1770770059869682_4040265478522156441_oThe artists presenting their part-concrete, part-abstract visions, were or still are active musicians and also have in common that they started their careers in graphic design working for their own bands. Thomas Ewerhard, Björn Gooßes and Jan Meininghaus have known each other for a long time – from the days when album covers still worked as a purchase incentive and the decision to buy an album in a record shop was often determined by an especially gory cover. Many of their customers, too, are high-profile bands who have their roots in the last millennium, but have stood the test of time: Doro, Kreator, Sodom and many more…

Born in ’77, Björn Gooßes, voice of The Very End, is the youngest of the three artists. In his early days he would ask his colleagues Ewerhard and Meininghaus for advice surrounding paintbrush and pixel many times. Gooßes has worked with many different bands, festivals and authors from over 30 different countries. In the exhibition he is presenting a small selection of his works for e.g. Dew-Scented, Hatesphere, Sodom or The Crown, which are somewhere between image processing, mixed media and compositing. One piece of Björn’s exhibition will be the artwork for The Very End’s official DVD of ‘A Hole in the Sun’!

Both days the exhibition will be opened with an acoustic performance by Swabian doom trio Undertow.

More information: facebook.com/paintedinbloodexhibition

Exhibition opening times:
Thursday, 18.08.2016: 12:00 – 17:00
Friday, 19.08.2016: 12:00 – 17:00

UNDERTOW unplugged performances:
Thursday, 18.08.2016: 12:00 – 12:30
Friday, 19.08.2016: 12:00 – 12:30

Check out this HMHTV-report of the first Painted-in-blood-exhibition in Bochum featuring music of The Very End:

More information:



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